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The Diamond Family Portrait, 1910-1911

The Diamond Family Portrait, 1910

This formal family portrait was taken in Russia in 1910 or 1911, just before their departure for the United States. The photo was scanned by Delora Delgado, and Harry Glickman provided the names.

Standing, left to right:

  1. Libbe Diamond (stayed in Russia)
  2. Lifsha Diamond, married to Esaak Glickman (came to Seattle)
  3. Rivka Diamond, married Harry Epstein (went to Los Angeles)
  4. Sorke's husband (stayed in Russia)
  5. Sorke's baby (stayed in Russia)
  6. Sorke Diamond (stayed in Russia)
  7. Dvoshe Diamond, married to Itschak Kundin (came to Seattle, and raised Sadie Glickman after Harry Glickman was born)

Front row, left to right:

  1. Esaak Glickman, married to Lifsha Diamond (came to Seattle)
  2. Bessie Glickman, age 1 (came to Seattle)
  3. Anna Shetskin, married to Leve Demeretz (came to Seattle)
  4. Edythe Glickman, age 3 (came to Seattle)
  5. Louie Glickman, age 5 (came to Seattle)
  6. Itschak "Isaac" Kundin, married to Dvosha Diamond (came to Seattle)

Not shown:

  1. Chaikl "Mike" Diamond (already in Seattle)
  2. Isador "Izzy" Diamond (traveling)

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